Founder’s Voice

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Dear All,

Welcome to the Helping Hands Community. It’s an immense pleasure for me, to let you all learn about the initial journey of Helping Hands.

It was a very long-term goal of mine to help the kids in need and the society as a whole and not let them go through the same emotional pain and sufferings which I had gone through as a kid. Only the suffered heart can understand the emotional pain & sufferings of others.

I’m grateful to my beloved & strongest mother who raised me well, even though she had a lot of hardships in every step of her life. Even through her struggles, she gave me a better life. She is my greatest support in all my endeavours, by providing important life lessons throughout my life; one such includes; “To be kind & compassionate to others, under all circumstances.”

Had to do something about helping the needy, so I started to contribute a nominal amount for the kids in need as and when possible. But that wasn’t enough, while thinking for a better way to help them, I thought of reaching out to close friends, with the idea of raising a minimal amount, every month, from each one of them & help the kids in need. Still unhappy, and the desire for helping the kids augmented, as the emotional pain and sufferings of my past raced through my mind.

Later, thought of establishing my initiative firmly and as a result, found “Helping Hands” An Act to Make an Impact…, an NGO which has a strong vision & various missions to help the people & environment in need.

We started as a team of friends and identified two NGOs, Freedom Foundation and Nirmala Shishu Bhavan to provide continuous support. It’s been a few years now and the urge for helping the needy hasn’t subsided and I’m sure, it wouldn’t subside either, as I aim to eradicate poverty and provide all the necessities along with education with good health for the kids, for their better future and conserve our environment and protect our mother earth for a better living.

I believe, in being better than being the best; because being best has an end, but being better is constant.

We are here to create history, with the help of kind-hearted souls like you.

A special thanks to my God Almighty, beloved mother, grandfather, and dear & near ones who inspired me to start this noble initiative as part of my life’s journey.

Thanks & Regards,

Satish Kumar Yadav (SKY)
Founder & President
Helping Hands