Get Involved

The primary goal of our initiation is to provide the basic necessities viz nutrition, education, and shelter, under the name of Helping Hands. An act to make an Impact…

Your small “Act” of kindness will be of tremendous positive “Impact” for the kids in need!

How we do this?

  1. By forecasting and budgeting the needs of the kids.
  2. By persuading family, friends, corporates, colleagues, schools, colleges, and general
    public by emphasizing the need to help.
  3. By pooling the money (a reasonable amount) regularly (monthly).
  4. Once the funds are collected, we provide supplies or distribute the funds to the kids in need to avoid misappropriation of funds.
  5. All the contributions & expense details will be evidently disclosed to all the contributors every month.

What you have to do?

  1. Join hands by contributing a reasonable amount regularly, a minimum of INR. 100/- or as per your convenience.
  2. Spread some love and happiness by sponsoring the food for the kids on the special occasions of your life. Celebrate your and your loved one’s birthdays and anniversaries with the kids through us.
  3. Share the noble thought with your dear and near ones to join the pursuit of our vision towards a better society.
  4. Connect us with the kids in need of help.

Get involved Today By Donating