Other Development Program

1. To safeguard against human rights, violations of minorities.
2. To provide a platform for budding and upcoming artists.
3. To organize the concerts of distinguished artists and music maestros.
4. To encourage needy poor but talented classical music learners by awarding scholarships.
5. To educate drawing, music, dance, drama, and literacy activities.
6. To promote artist welfare programs.
7. To produce documentaries, poster presentations and to conduct a workshop to disseminate the teaching for the public at large.
8. Utilize the guidance participation and the financial assistance from the established world organization, central government, universities, and other institutions in India and Abroad
9. To raise loans for construction and carrying out the objects and purpose of the trust from the local authority nationalized banks, credit cooperation, government, or other financial institutions to create funds for the trust.
10. To collect, manage and invest, disburse and deal with the funds of the trust raised by receiving donations, conducting benefit programs, or by any other legal and moral means and to collect and receive the gifts of all kinds from the individuals, corporate bodies in India and from abroad.
11. To provide educational scholarships for the kids in need.
12. To conduct public events like Marathon, Cycling, sapling plantations to create awareness and raise public funds for the respective causes.